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Wet Sounds REVO 10 FA 10" Free Air Marine Subwoofer (Each)

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Wet Sounds REVO 10 FA 10" Free Air Marine Subwoofer (Each)

Free Air REVO subs are recommended primarily for Infinite Baffle (Free Air) applications where a dedicated subwoofer enclosure is not available or practical. Both 10 & 12 REVO FA subs are available in White or Black frames (Black frames use metallic grey cones). All REVO FA Subs are available in either single 2 Ohm or single 4 Ohm impedances.

All REVO 10 & 12 Subwoofers share the same design features:

Nylas Composite Frame - to withstand extreme environmental use. Designed to accept optional RGB wiring.

Injection Molded Composite Cone For durability & low distortion.

Santoprene Rubber Spider Much more durable to water & temperature changes than a traditional treated Cotton Spider used by the majority of marine speakers & subwoofers.

Santoprene Rubber Surround Offers a superior bond to the composite cone.Also resists deterioration due to water, temperature & ultraviolet exposure.

Stainless Steel Terminals Designed to resist corrosion.

All REVO Subwoofers are sold without grills.8 different grill designs are available separately for all versions of 10 & 12 REVO HP & FA subwoofers.This will enable users to have matching grills on both REVO Coaxial In-Boat speakers & REVO Subwoofers.

Optional RGB LED Kits are available to fit under all REVO 10 & 12 subwoofer grills to enable users to have thousands of LED light display combinations.


Impedance: 4 ohms

RMS Watts: 300
PEAK Watts: 600
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 500HZ
Sensitivity: 88 db at 1watt/1 meter

Size & Weight

8.1 lbs (3.67 kg)

Diameter: 11.02 inches w/grill (279.90 mm)
Mounting Depth: 4.62 inches w/grill (117.47 mm)
Hole Cut Out: 9.45 inches (240.03 mm)

Box Specs: Optimized for Infinite Baffle (Free Air) applications or 1.3 cu ft sealed enclosure
Note: All specifications are for each REVO-10FA