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Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

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What is the Safe and Sound Loyalty Points Program?

Safe and Sound Loyalty Points allows us to reward you, our valued customers, for your continuing patronage. How the program works is very easy. For every purchase made, you earn Loyalty Points which will be documented on your order confirmation received from us by email. Once earned, these Points may be redeemed for coupon vouchers that provide a discount on future orders.

How does the Loyalty Points system work?

When an order is placed, the amount of the order will be used to calculate the amount of reward points earned. For ever dollar spent, you will earn 1 loyalty point. For example, spend $50, you earn 50 loyalty points! These points are added to your Reward Points account as pending points. Once any pending points have been approved, they will be released and your account will be credited with the value of those points.

Do I have to have an account with Safe and Sound?

Yes, you will need to have an account on our site for us to be able to reward you with points.
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How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?

Once the points are approved and in your account, you can then redeem coupon vouchers in the amounts of $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100. For a $5 coupon voucher, 250 points is needed, for $10 off coupon, 500 points, and so on.

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Will I earn points for shipping fees?


May I spend my points on shipping fees? No. When calculating the amount of points earned. shipping fees are excluded.

Rules and Conditions

Reward Points are non-refundable and can't be transferred. Reward Points are non-transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances. Reward Points will not be refunded for any cancelled order. When calculating the amount of points earned, discounts, shipping fees and taxes are excluded.

Safe and Sound Inc. reserves the right to cancel, change, modify or suspend any and all aspects of the Loyalty Points program inlcuding any subscribers who abuse the program or are suspected of any fraud whatsoever.