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Remote Starters and Security

Remote Starters

At Safe and Sound Inc, each and every remote starter installation is done using the most proven methods. The result is in our superior craftsmanship.

Burr, Its getting cold out! Everyone wants a remote starter, and they want one for the best price. What people don't know, is there is a lot more going on underneath the dash of your vehicle than just plugging wires in. There are many shortcuts that can be taken when installing a remote starter and many Installers use them. Some just twist the wires together and tape them, Others use " Scotch Locks". Both of these methods are not ideal when installing a remote starter. Think of all the bumps we hit while driving, each jerk of the vehicle could potentially loosen your connections. NOT WITH SAFE & SOUND- We are one of the only shops around that actually still solders our connections, we would rather take our time and make the work 100% neat and soldered to ensure your remote start provides you with everlasting performance. Our technicians are more than experienced to work on any vehicle. With over 20 years installation experience, your vehicle is in EXTREMELY GOOD HANDS Just check out our A+ with the BBB! Safe and sound has been in business for over 37 years FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED! If you want a remote starter priced, and done right give us a call or stop down to see our remote starter line up. We are your remote starter headquarters! We have many models to choose from, and many price options!