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Esoteric Grandioso T1 Multi-Arm, Magnetic-Drive Turntable


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Esoteric Grandioso T1 Multi-Arm, Magnetic-Drive Turntable


A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy;
it’s the first-ever turntable in our history.

A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy;
it’s the first-ever turntable in our history, the Grandioso T1. Accommodating a patent-registered unique contact-free drive mechanism, the “Esoteric MagneDrive System”, that inductively synchronizes the rotations of a magnetic driver and platter, realizing a quiet and silky-smooth rotation at an extraordinarily accurate rotation speed.

Grandioso T1

Technical Highlights
The Platter is free from any vibration.
Absolutely precise platter rotation, free from any irregularities of speed, potentially caused by mechanical contacts, such as belt, rim or motor.
Adjustability of sonic characteristics, by manually changing the distance between the platter and the driver.
No concern for the need of replacement belts.

This turntable – with 10MHz Clock Sync capability for the motor drive unit and 3 piece independent chassis configuration – is the culmination of Esoteric’s unique design philosophy and mechanical/electronic technology.

Key Features
  • Esoteric’s patented contact-free drive system “Esoteric MagneDrive System”
  • Magne-Float platter greatly reduces spindle bearing friction by reducing platter’s effective mass from 19kg down to approx. 4kg.
  • Consists of 3 separated units: main unit, motor unit, and power supply unit.
  • High quality VCXO motor driver ensures precise platter rotation.
  • 10MHz Clock Sync capability with the Grandioso G1X Master Clock.
  • Inverted bearing system supports smooth rotation of the platter.
  • The Micrometer knob on the front panel provides fine-tuning capability of sonic characteristics, by adjusting the strength of magnetic force being applied from the magnetic driver to the platter.
  • Triple layer chassis made of Aluminum and wood, effectively controls vibration.
  • The mid-chassis is applied with beautiful high gross piano lacquer.
  • The isolation feet have a special damping mechanism that eliminates external vibration.
  • Two speed control (33/45 rpm), adjustable with 0.1% order.
  • The T1 is offered with TA-9D dynamic balance tonearm, or without tonearm configuration.
  • Optional arm-board allows the T1 accommodates up to 3 tonearms.
Key Specifications
  • Overall Dimensions: (W×H×D, including protrusions)
      Main Unit: 497 × 210 × 456mm
      Power Supply Unit: 445 × 132 × 270mm
  • Weight:
      Main Unit: 45kg
         Main Chassis: 17kg
         Platter: 19kg
         Motor Unit: 9kg
      Power Supply Unit: 18kg

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