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Dali Opticon LCR MK2 Wall-Mounted LCR Speaker (Each)

by Dali
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Color: Satin Black

Dali Opticon LCR MK2 Wall-Mounted LCR Speaker (Each)

With airy high-frequencies, expressive midrange and surprisingly extended bass, the OPTICON LCR MK2 is an on-wall speaker that delivers genuine stereo and surround sound hi-fi performance.

Patented SMC
Our patented SMC magnet motor minimizes hysteresis to significantly reduce electro-acoustic distortion.

Assembled by Hand
DALI stereo pairs are built and tested by one technician using components from the same batch to ensure visual and acoustic matching.

Made in Denmark
At our Danish production facilities, we hand-assemble, test and QA everything from cutting the laminate to surface finishing.

Hybrid Tweeter
Our hybrid tweeter marries the clarity, speed and dynamics of a soft dome with the very high frequency detail and finesse of a ribbon.

A flexible stereo and multichannel speaker
The OPTICON LCR MK2 incorporates the best technologies from the MK2 series in a low-profile, wall-mounted enclosure. Serving as a left, centre or right-channel speaker – hence the name LCR – this multipurpose, wall-mounted surround speaker delivers genuine stereo and multichannel Hi-Fi performance with impressive high-frequencies, an expressive midrange and surprisingly extended bass.

Reducing distortion with Soft Magnetic Compound
The OPTICON LCR MK2 driver magnet system consists of a large ferrite ring magnet surrounding a pole-piece manufactured entirely of the unique DALI SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) material. The use of SMC greatly reduces mechanical distortion caused by hysteresis and eddy currents, resulting in a drastic reduction in third-order distortion for extended listening pleasure, a relaxed midrange and a surprising amount of detailing.

The master of wide dispersion
Our signature hybrid tweeter module marries a 29 mm soft dome tweeter with a custom 17 x 45 mm ribbon element. Both drivers are mounted on a cast aluminum faceplate, which provides a solid platform for the drivers and incorporates dispersion control detailing for optimal delivery of the high frequencies for off-axis listening. Our hybrid tweeter offers the best of both worlds – the clarity, speed and dynamics of a dome tweeter with the very high-frequency detail and smooth finesse of a ribbon tweeter.

Low loss, low distortion and low coloration
The 6½" bass driver has been designed according to our sound design principles of low loss, low distortion and low coloration. The ideal driver plays only what the amplifier supplies... nothing is added, nothing is taken away. Every component is carefully designed to contribute towards this goal, including the paper pulp and wood fibre cone, which ensures minimal break-up resonance for a high resolution midrange and precise, coherent bass.

Ensuring the highest quality products
With a 25 mm thick front baffle and extra internal bracing, the OPTICON LCR MK2 cabinet is extremely rigid and practically eliminates panel resonance. To ensure the best possible quality product, we manufacture and test OPTICON MK2 series speakers at our production facilities in central Denmark, carrying out everything from cutting and routing of the wood laminate panels to installing the drivers and crossover.


Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz] 70 - 30,000
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB] 89
Nominal Impedance [ohms] 4
Maximum SPL [dB] 109
Recommended Amp. Power [Watts] 30 - 150
Crossover Frequencies [Hz] 2,800 / 14,000
Crossover Principle 2 + ½-way
High Frequency Driver 1 x 29 mm soft dome, 1 x 17 x 45 mm ribbon
Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s) 1 x 6½”

    Color: Satin Black