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Audio Desk Systeme 7" Adapter Kit For Vinyl Cleaner Pro X


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Audio Desk Systeme 7" Adapter Kit For Vinyl Cleaner Pro X

2018 Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO 7" Adapter Kit

For several years we have been selling the $125 "A-rings" disc adapter sets which allow for the cleaning of 7" and 10" discs in the Vinyl Cleaner. This was something developed here in the USA to fill requests. It is a little klugey, but it works.

Reiner Glass at Audio Desk Systeme felt he could come up with a more elegant solution, and sure enough he has! At the 2018 High End Show in Munich he officially launched Audio Desk Systeme's new 7" Kit. It is easy to use and really does a great job.

But for this kit to work the Vinyl Cleaner itself had to be modified in several ways. Only Vinyl Cleaner PRO machines produced in 2018 can make use of the 7" kit.

As the "7" Kit" model designation indicates, this Kit only adapts the 2018 Vinyl Cleaner PRO machines for use with 7" discs (aka "singles"). For 10" records you will still need to use your good old A-rings adapter. (Note: 10" 78's do not require ANY adapter due to the smaller label size.) And for all Vinyl Cleaners prior to the 2018 model, you can only use the A-rings adapter set.