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Hertz ESK 163L.5 Energy Series 3-Way 6 1/2" Component Speaker (Pair)

by Hertz
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Hertz ESK 163.5 Energy Series 3-Way 6 1/2" Component Speaker (Pair)

The best sound in the smallest possible space. ESK 163L.5 is a three-way car audio systems, comprising four components: ET 26.5, EMV 100.5, EV 165L.5 and CX 300.5 crossover, creating a combination of high-performance, hi-tech products.
Excellent frequency response, high level of installation friendliness even with OEM placements, efficiency and appealing design: the Energy.5 systems comprise and contain the whole sound philosophy of Energy. Pure energy for listening pleasure.



Woofer size mm (in.)     165 (6.5
Tweeter size mm (in.)     26 (1)
Woofer magnet     High density flux ferrite
Tweeter magnet     Neodymium
Woofer cone     Water repellent non pressed paper
Tweeter dome     Tetolon
Crossover type     LP/BP/HP
Crossover cut off     600 Hz - 12/6 dB Oct. 6 kHz - 6/12 dB Oct.