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Rega Turntables

Safe and Sound Inc. is Proud to be an Authorized Rega Turntable Dealer

Founded in 1973, British audio equipment manufacturer Rega Research has become worldly known for their turntables such as their Planar series. In addition, they have manufactured phono cartridges, tonearms, and has produced award-winning photo stages and amplification. From its manufacturing warehouse facility in England, Rega assembles by hand more than 40 different products, each with tremendous attention to detail and their own story to tell.

Rega Planar 3 Turntable

Rega PLanar 3 Turntable

Back in 1976, Rega introduced their Planar 3 turntable. Over time, many improvements were made to this iconic model and was once again re-introduced to the market. The newest model is the biggest re-design of this model in it's over 40 year history. Like all Rega turntables, the Planar 3 is a belt drive manual system and comes equipped with Rega’s new RB-330 tonearm already pre-mounted.  When buying a Rega turntable from Safe and Sound, we will professionally mount your cartridge for you and test it out before you receive it.

Rega Fono MC Phonostage

Rega Fono MC Phonostage

The Rega Fono MC Phono pre-amplifier was built to pair with the Ania moving coil phono cartridge, sonically matching Ania’s electrical characteristics perfectly. While Fono MC has the ideal settings for Rega moving coil cartridges, it is fully adjustable therefore making it a great choice for other MC cartridges on the market. With 2 gain, 2 capacitance, and 4 resistance settings, it can be finely tailored to suit your cartridge’s needs and your listening tastes.  A good portion of the internal build quality is shadowed to the more expensive big brother model Ania. Both models utilize low-noise, high-impedance FETs that minimize negative interactions from the cartridge.

Rega Ania MC Phono Cartridge

Rega Ania Phono Cartridge

One of Rega Researchs’s trademarks is that their entry level products still have a strong crossover to their flagship models. With the entry level Rega Ania moving coil phono cartridge, this is clearly evident.  Ania’s iron cross is actually half as small as the original Apheta phono cartridge and one of the lightest generators in the market. Along with the powerful neodymium magnet, many of Ania’s parts actually come straight from Apheta 2. An elliptical stylus and CAD-designed plastic case complete a musical instrument that invites you to see right into the heart of its performance

We encourage all local customers to visit our retail store where we have on display all the Rega Planar  turntables as well as stock in all Phono Cartridges and Phono Stages. Auditioning turntables is a critical step in determining the perfect turntable for you and your budget. Our skilled staff has the experience and expertise to give you the hassle-free advice you need. The platter mass, drive type, the suspension, materials used, natural resonances, arm mass, cartridge type and compliance, are all major factors that go into an audiophile’s decision making process and we are here to help simply that for our customers. We will also professionally mount your phono cartridges as well to ensure proper calibration. We are incredibly enthusiastic about representing the Rega Research brand for years to come.

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