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Proud to Welcome Back Bowers & Wilkins to Our Speaker Lineup - 50 Years of Excellence

Proud to Welcome Back Bowers & Wilkins to Our Speaker Lineup - 50 Years of Excellence

Here at Safe and Sound, we are proud to welcome back Bowers & Wilkins to our speaker lineup. Seeing the Bowers & Wilkins name and logo at our warehouse has brought a sense of nostalgia to us. This well established home audio brand was proudly displayed in our retail store during our early years in the 80's and 90's. Now, it's 2021 and we couldn't be happier to represent this company's great legacy.

Bowers & Wilkins has a reputation of creating some of the best hi-fi speakers to date.  Founded in 1966 by John Bower, B&W speakers for the longest time have been synonymous with sonically impressive, designer speakers.

Whether you are a fan of vintage Bowers & Wilkins speakers or of their newest generation speakers such as the wireless active Formation series speakers, B&W has options for every audio enthusiast for all budgets. Speaking of technology, B&W has spent 8 years perfecting their very own speaker material dubbed continuum, a woven composite structure, which has proven to be superior to Kevlar, being more flexible and controlled.

The Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series is the entry point in the company's latest range of speakers. The 600 Series is one of the most popular lines of speakers. Utilizing technology from their flagship B&W 800 Series Diamond range, the 600 Series promises high-end sound at competitive prices.

Next up is the 700 Series lineup of speakers. Combining cutting-edge acoustic engineering and classic cabinet design, the 700 Series is inspired by recording studios, and are designed to deliver premium sound into your own living room. These speakers are not cheap, but everything about them screams quality; from their elegant classic-looking design to the incorporation of the company’s latest cutting-edge acoustic engineering. The 700 Series is placed below the 800 Series Diamond range in the Bowers & Wilkins home audio speakers lineup, but incorporates some of the 800 Series technologies, such as the Continuum Cone midrange, solid body tweeter housing, and Aerofoil profile bass drivers. Additionally, Bowers & Wilkins also implements new technologies in the 700 Series speakers most notably the Carbon Dome tweeter. The combination of these technologies, alongside the countless hours of tuning by the very best engineers in the business, is a range of loudspeakers that has to be heard to be believe. 

Finally, we have the flagship 800 Series which has now been even further improved into the 800 Series Diamond. With improvements across the board between the tweeter, mid range, crossover, and woofers, the new diamond series speakers offer distinctively more smooth and balanced midrange.

For architectural speakers, the Bowers & Wilkins custom installation series has you covered. Starting with their entry level CI 300 series and moving up through their CI 600, CI 700, and their flagship CI 800 Diamond series, there is truly an in-wall and in-ceiling speaker for every room and every budget. 

Our team is very excited to represent this distinguished home audio company and we encourage local customers to swing by our demonstration rooms to hear these amazing Bowers & Wilkins speakers in person. As always, our team is willing to help with speaker design if needed.

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