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Polk Audio Reserve Series speakers now in stock!

Polk Audio Reserve Series speakers now in stock!

The new Polk Audio Reserve Series speakers is a collection of 9 total speakers: 3 floor-standing models (R700, R600, and R500), 3 center channel speakers (R300, R350, and R400), 2 bookshelf speakers (R100 and R200), and a height module for Dolby Atmos (R900). The Reserve Series comes in below Polk's Legend series speakers and are an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts who simply cannot spend up for the Legend Series speakers. 

The new technology used in the Reserve speakers is focused at producing clean bass and sound with limited resonance. They accomplish this by utilizing their X-Port technology which utilizes closed-pipe absorbers tuned to eliminate unwanted cabinet and port resonances. Their woofers use Turbine Cones to produce a cleaner sound. The fines in the cone help the woofer maintain its shape while radiating. 

The tweeter used in the Reserve series is referred to as a Pinnacle tweeter, a ring-radiator tweeter and the same component used in their flagship Reserve series speakers and help produce wide dispersion.

The R600 and R700 floor-standing speakers feature Polk's Power Port 2.0 downward-firing design. This enables bass frequencies to extend more deeply and at higher output levels than traditional ported speakers.

The bookshelf speakers provide a choice between the 6.5 inch driver R200 or the 5.25 inch driver of the smaller R100. Both models feature the 1 inch Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter.

Reserve has three size options for center channel speakers: the R300, R350 and R400. The largest is the R400 takes a full-size approach and has a 1 inch tweeter, two 6.5 inch Turbine Cone midrange drivers, dual X-Ports

The slimmer R350 is 5.5 inches tall, wall-mountable with a 1 inch tweeter coupled with four 4 inch turbine cone midrange driver. Lastly, is the most compact center channel mode the R300. Designed to fit in most TV cabinets, the R300 also has a 1 inch tweeter along with  two 4 inch turbine cone midrange drivers.

The Reserve Series are all available in matte black, and all models except the R400 and R700 also come in matte white. 

For more product details and to purchase, please view the entire Polk Audio Reserve Series on our website.

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