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7 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Klipsch’s Heresy IV Speakers.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Klipsch’s Heresy IV Speakers.

  1. The Heresy IV’s are the modern manifestation of over 70 years of evolving loudspeaker design, engineering and technology spearheaded by the founder Paul W. Klipsch.
  1. This 3-way speaker boasts the most life-like sound thanks to an all-new midrange driver mated to the Tractix horn, a high-frequency driver with an all-new wide dispersion phase plug and the classic low-frequency driver fiber-composite cone woofer.
  1. Generation IV is the first to feature a rear port that claims the fastest and most efficient air transfer to date which allows for punchier low frequencies without unwanted port noise for a cleaner, more powerful bass.
  2. An all-new high fidelity network that boasts best-in-class, true to life sound that solidifies the way audio was meant to be heard, as well as unprecedented efficiency and power handling.
  1. Proud to be designed and assembled in the USA for over 50 years in Hope, Arkansas where the handcrafted cabinetry comes to life to give the Heresy IV it’s distinct, refined look.
  2. Comes in 4 different color options – Satin Black Ash / Natural Cherry / Distressed Oak / American Walnut – all in a high-quality wood veneer finish to compliment any living space.
  3. Built to last – here for the long haul – Klipsch now backs up their Heresy IV Speakers with a brand new 10 Year Warranty!
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