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Van Den Hul Isis RCA to RCA Coaxial Interconnect Phono Cable



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Van Den Hul Isis RCA to RCA Coaxial Interconnect Phono Cable

The ISIS is a twin line RCA to RCA coaxial interconnect, especially designed to provide superior signal transfer quality between your high-end turntable and pre-amplifier at a very affordable price.

Where high-end turntables often are supplied with meagre interconnects, significant improvements in sound quality, resolution and imaging can be achieved by upgrading to The Isis.

A very low parasitic cable capacitance to minimize cartridge loading.
High purity dense Silver coated high purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors.
A durable and rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket.
A centre steel wire to provide extra mechanical reinforcement and strain relief. This steel wire can be used as an extra ground lead.
Providing a highly effective improvement between your high-end turntable and pre-amplifier, The ISIS comes terminated with 2 high quality van den Hul gold-plated RCA male connectors at each side.
Available in 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 meter standard lengths. Other lengths are available on request.

Design purpose
Phono cable, Turntable to pre-amp

Conductor material
Silver plated OFC

Jacket color