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Ortofon Concorde Music Red Premium Moving Magnet Cartridge

by Ortofon
UPC: 5705796080629

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  • Ortofon Concorde Music Red Premium Moving Magnet Cartridge

    Premium Moving Magnet cartridge

    Experience balanced and dynamic sound quality with the Concorde Music Red. The Concorde Music Red features an Elliptical stylus on an Aluminum cantilever and can be upgraded through the entire series to Concorde Music Black LVB 250, simply by replacing the stylus.

    The Concorde Music series

    Developed by music lovers, for music lovers, the Concorde Music cartridges blend premium performance with an iconic design. Concorde Music, not just a cartridge, but a dedication to the profound impact music has on our lives, turning every listening session into a captivating journey.

    Installing a Concorde Music cartridge on a turntable is easy and straightforward, no tools required making it hassle free and convenient.

    Award winning cartridge design

    Building upon a rich legacy which began when we launched the original Concorde, the Concorde Music holds a storied history as one of the most famous cartridges in the world of audio.

    Originally developed as a solution to the challenge of easy mounting on a tonearm without screws or wires, the Concorde's unique design earned the Danish Industrial Design Award and became an icon in
    the audio industry.

    Precision in every groove

    The Concorde Music Red features an Elliptical diamond polished to the highest standards of the industry, mounted on a premium aluminum cantilever. This ensures the best possible transmission of the vinyl record groove modulations picked up by the diamond.

    Unique in-house rubber production

    The Concorde Music Red utilizes an exclusive Ortofon rubber compound for its stylus suspension. Developed and produced in our unique in-house rubber production, this suspension is a crucial and vital component contributing to the overall performance of the phono cartridge.

    Precise and dynamic sound image

    The Concorde Music features Ortofon's quad-coil generating system with split pole pins. Silver-plated oxygen-free copper is chosen for the quad-coil system, along with four Ortofon split pole pins.

    This results in exceptional channel balance and separation, delivering precise and dynamic sound. With a 6 mV output, it offers lifelike sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity, capturing every detail.

    Easy mount and upgrade path

    Installing the Concorde Music cartridge on your turntable is easy and straightforward; no tools are required, making it hassle-free and convenient for all users. This is thanks to the bayonet/SME connector, which makes it compatible with all S-shaped tonearms.

    Full upgrade path

    The Concorde Music Red can be upgraded with all Concorde Music styli, enabling an upgrade path throughout the entire series up to the Concorde Music Black LVB 250.

    Upgrading the stylus is a simple task; simply pull the stylus off and replace it with the new one. Remember to keep the stylus guard on when installing the new stylus to keep the needle safe.


    Channel balance at 1 kHz
    1.5 dB
    Output voltage at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec
    Channel seperation at 1 kHz
    22 dB
    Channel seperation at 15 kHz
    15 dB
    Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    +3 / -1 dB
    Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force
    80 µm
    Compliance, dynamic, lateral
    15 µm/mN
    Stylus type
    Elliptical diamond on Aluminum cantilever
    Stylus tip radius
    r/R 8/18 µm
    Tracking force, recommended
    1.8 g
    Tracking angle
    Internal impedance, DC resistance
    1.27 kΩ
    Cartridge color
    Cartridge weight
    18 g
    Recommended load resistance
    47 kΩ
    Internal inductance
    815 mH
    Recommended load capacitance
    150-300 pF