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Octave Super Black Box Preamp External Stabilzation for Phono Module

by Octave
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Octave Super Black Box Preamp External Stabilzation for Phono Module

The Black Box/Super Black Box power supply upgrade modules for Octave integrated and power amplifiers have convinced listeners for decades, becoming an unmatched success story in the process. They are the key to make the Octave amplification components universally compatible with any connected loudspeaker, and completely unaffected by the technical behaviour of such.

The performance gain is easy to hear and audible in many facets. In general, one will realize greater resolution and detail, extremely outlined fine dynamics that further improves the soundstage, a cleaner, more pure midrange and amazing clarity due to an even lower noise floor.

Octave s experience with the Black Box concept over the years has inspired us to research the sonic boundaries at the beginning of the system signal path as well. Particularly the very low and sensitive voltages coming from any quality pickup-system provokes the question: What would result if we upgraded the power supply of the Phono Module even further

The result, to be honest, was the same as with the integrated and power amplifiers clearly and instantly audible. The Octave Phono Module realizes increases in clarity, separation, a deeper soundstage and amazing control similar to the effect the Black Box upgrade has on Octave s amplifiers. So much was certain, that the Black Box family welcomes a new member: The Black Box Preamp.

An external upgrade of the power supply of the Octave Phono Module, the Black Box Preamp features a sophisticated circuit with superior capacitors (produced in the EU and sourced from EPCOS), and serves to increase the current flow while making the power supply immune to mains power fluctuations. Low frequency grid disturbances are effectively suppressed. The Black-Box Preamp is connected to the Phono Module via a very special high current connector and works as all Octave models with an extremely reliable protection management system.

The Black Box Preamp is the perfect upgrade for demanding music lovers who don t accept any compromise in their analogue playback system.

General Facts
Dimensions 170 x 257 x 97 mm (W x H x D)
Weight ~ 3,1 kg