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Lucas Lighting MX-H7 MX Series Headlight Bulb (Pair)

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Lucas Lighting MX-H7 MX Series Headlight Bulb (Pair)

Our newest design for difficult fitment applications! Installation will be just like the original bulb in most cases, without requiring any mounting adaptors sometimes needed with LED replacements. The latest LED technology gives your vehicle a more modern, brighter, and whiter look than the halogen bulbs they replace. Better headlights will improve your vision and potentially save your life.

MX series are designed to last far longer than halogen bulbs and deliver more usable light to the road. With our superior design, glare will not affect oncoming vehicles when properly installed and aimed. MX series is available in all popular sizes and rarely require modifications to install.

LED automotive replacement front-firing bulbs are intended for off-road and fog light applications.