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Lucas Lighting L1-H13 L1 Series LED Headlight Bulb (Pair)

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SKU L1-H13

Lucas Lighting L1-H11 L1 Series LED Headlight Bulb (Pair)

L1 Series LED Headlight Pair (2 Bulbs)

Do you want to see better at night?

Upgrading your headlights to the most modern LED technology is one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle. You will be able to see significantly better when driving in the dark, more easily identify street signs and have more time to react to dangerous situations. The L1 series is built with the same class-leading light output pattern, fitment and durability of our more expensive products. L1 series offers three times or more the light output of your original halogen bulbs.

LED automotive replacement front-firing bulbs are intended for off-road and fog light applications.