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Esoteric G-01X G Series Rubidium Master Clock Generator



Esoteric G-01X G  Series Rubidium Master Clock Generator

Master Clock Generator
The high precision G-01X master clock generator adopts new technologies such as "Wide Range Clock Buffer Amplifiers", "Adaptive Zero Ground" circuits, and a high precision rubidium oscillator to attain the very best in musical expression from your digital audio system.
Ultrahigh Precision Rubidium Oscillator
An extremely high precision American-made rubidium oscillator with a frequency precision of ±0.05 ppb or ±0.00005 ppm is used as the core of this extraordinarily accurate timing device. This oscillator module has been manufactured to ESOTERIC's demanding specifications with sound quality and stability being given top priority. The sound quality one would expect from a high end model has been achieved.
The "Wide Range Clock Buffer Amplifiers" developed for the Grandioso G1 flagship model are adopted to provide an even wider frequency range than ever before. These discrete circuits using high-speed transistors with excellent high frequency performance are separated for each output terminal to greatly contribute to major improvements in sound quality by providing an accurate and stable timing signal to audio devices.
"Adaptive Zero Ground" Mode
The G-01X has the "Adaptive Zero Ground" circuitry inherited from the Grandioso G1 between the internal rubidium unit and the buffer amplifiers. The "Adaptive Zero Ground" mode actively drives the ground signal to 0 volts and greatly reduces noise (random jitter) caused by variation in the ground voltage. The user can select between the adaptive mode and the normal mode, for different sound characteristics according to their listening preferences.
Substantial Power Supply
A newly-designed power supply is adopted to maximize the performance of the new "Wide Range Clock Buffer Amplifiers", with a separate power supply regulator assigned to each of the independent buffer amplifiers. The amplifier and power supply are divided into blocks to ensure drive that is both clean and powerful. A large toroidal transformer is used as the main transformer and a dedicated El core transformer is used for digital control. A series of multiple capacitors are used for the ripple filter circuit and Schottky barrier diodes are used for quick response to support fast digital processing, which assists the accuracy of the clock's signal generation.
Eight Outputs
The G-01X can supply a clock signal to a maximum of eight devices. Output can be switched ON and OFF for each terminal. The unit has four 10 MHz sine wave clock output terminals. The other four output terminals (A x 2 and B x 2) enable clock signals to be output at 100 kHz, 10 MHz (square wave), and the basic frequency of 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, up to a maximum frequency of 22.5792 MHz/24.576 MHz, and separate output frequencies can be set for each terminal.
External 10 MHz/1 pps Input
A 10 MHz or 1 pps reference signal can be input externally by connecting a device such as a GPS receiver to an external input terminal. The internal rubidium oscillator is synchronized with a higher center frequency precision clock received from a satellite, and this allows more stable rubidium oscillation than the crystal controlled oscillator built into the external GPS receiver, which makes the most of the advantages of a high precision GPS system.
Gold Plated BNC Terminals
The unit adopts milled brass BNC terminals to achieve a secure connection. These allow high-end cables to be easily connected and minimize loss of transmission to the utmost limit.
Preheat Function
The unit features a preheat mode, which shuts down the unit but continues to supply power to the internal rubidium oscillator. Keeping the rubidium warm reduces waiting time after the power is turned ON and enables the unit to provide its full performance immediately.
Superb Chassis Construction for Optimal Performance
Since the high precision nature of the rubidium oscillator makes it delicate and susceptible to external vibrations, special consideration has been made in the chassis construction to control these vibrations. The bottom chassis securing the various components adopts a slit structure to prevent interference between neighboring components. Furthermore, the unit features a thick and highly-rigid aluminum panel enclosure and patented ESOTERIC pin point feet (patent no. 40750477 JP) that minimize the effect of external vibrations.
Organic EL Display
The unit features a smooth and gorgeous display suitable for a cutting-edge digital device.


Rubidium oscillator
Frequency stability Within ±0.1ppb (–20°C to +65°C / –4°F to +149°F)
Frequency precision Within ±0.05ppb ((when shipped new) (ppb=10–9)
Warm-up time 10 min. (Until oscillator stabilizes after power turned on)
Clock outputs
Output level
44.1kHz setting 44.1k, 88.2k, 176.4k, 352.8k, 705.6kHz
1.4112M, 2.8224M, 5.6448M, 11.2896M, 22.5792MHz
48kHz setting 48k, 96k, 192k, 384k, 768kHz
1.536M, 3.072M, 6.144M, 12.288M, 24.576MHz
Both settings 100kHz, 10MHz
10MHz OUT (BNC) 4
Output level Sine wave 0.5 ±0.1Vrms / 50Ω
Master clock input
Input frequency
Rb + EXT 1pps mode 1pps signal (GPS precision or better)
Rb + 10M mode 10MHz (GPS precision or better)
Input level
10MHz Sine wave 0.5 to 1.0Vrms / 50Ω
10MHz Square wave Positive pulse, TTL level/10kΩ
1pps signal Positive pulse, TTL level/10kΩ
Power supply
AC 230V, 50Hz
AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220V, 60Hz
External dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 131 × 359mm
17-⅝" × 5-¼" × 17-¼" (including protrusions)
Weight 13.3kg / 29-⅜ lb
Included accessories Power cord × 1
Felt pads × 3
Owner's manual × 1
Warranty card × 1