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Dali SUB K-14 F 14" Powered Subwoofer

by Dali
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SKU SUBK-14FBlackAsh
Color: Black Ash

Dali SUB K-14 F 14" Powered Subwoofer

Whether you want fill a room with full-bodied stereo music or feel the epic low frequency effects of a blockbuster movie, the DALI SUB K-14 F delivers. Built around a rigid 14" aluminum woofer, the SUB K-14 F adds subtlety and punch in equal measures.

Maximize the bass output and distribution around the room
Placing a subwoofer is a large part of creating the perfect audio reproduction. To maximize the bass output and distribution around the room, we recommend placing the SUB K-14 F in a corner or, if that's not possible, along a wall. The subwoofer’s relatively compact size makes placing it correctly much easier than many larger subwoofers. For best results, we recommend pairing the SUB K-14 F with the RUBICON (C), OPTICON MK2 and OBERON (C) series speakers.

Keeping distortion to an absolute minimum
The SUB K-14 F incorporates a large 14" woofer with a black aluminum cone that's stiff, lightweight and delivers a greater transient response than you would expect from a subwoofer in this category. The ability to start and stop quickly is at the heart of our loudspeaker design philosophy, and it lets the SUB K-14 F integrate easily with front speakers of any size, from bookshelves to floorstanders. Also, the construction of the SUB K-14 F cone avoids the need for a dust cap, which ensures piston-like movement and keeps distortion to an absolute minimum.

Stamina to keep pushing and headroom to draw out that little extra
Making sure there's enough power to move the large woofer, the 450 Watt RMS Class D integrated amplifier has the stamina to keep pushing and the headroom to draw out that little extra when needed. Constructed for lasting effect, the amplifier is powered by a switch-mode power supply (SWPS) that helps keep the module at a low working temperature and avoids the need for an external heat sink. You can read more about this in the SUB K-14 F whitepaper available in the downloads section below.

Designed and manufactured to meet exacting DALI standards
Cleverly designed, the SUB K-14 F is a big subwoofer, but with a non-intrusive design. The 14" woofer reaches almost to the edge of the elegant-looking high gloss front baffle, giving the appearance of a large woofer and small cabinet. Built from solid MDF, the cabinet abides by the tough DALI specifications and gives the woofer an impressive 44 liters to work within. The cabinet enclosure comes in two finishes: Black Ash with a black high gloss front baffle, and White Silk Matte with a white high gloss baffle.


Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz] 29 - 160
Input Impedance [kohm] 10
Maximum SPL [dB] 115
Crossover Frequencies [Hz] 40 - 120 (variable low-pass)
Low Frequency Driver 1 x 14” long stroke
Connection Input RCA, stereo (low-pass filtered), LFE (mono)
Max. Amplifier Power Output [RMS Watts] 500
Continuous IEC Power Output [RMS Watts] 450
Max. Power Consumption [Watts] 650

    Color: Black Ash