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Compustar PRO 2WG15 with LTE Pro 2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module

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Compustar PRO 2WG15 with LTE Pro 2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module


OEM-look and feel, supercharged with extreme range in a water-resistant case.

2-way, 4-button remote upgrade kit for adding 2-miles of range and LTE connectivity to any Compustar remote starter. Includes a 2-way, water-resistant remote capable of up to 2-miles of range. Backed by industry-leading 3-year PRO warranty.

Now bundled with an X1-LTE module for smartphone connectivity with DroneMobile! Free 30-day trial upon activation.


Smartphone Control
2-Way LED Confirmation
2-Way LED Remote
3-Year PRO Warranty
GPS Tracking
2-Mile Max Range
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
Up to 8 Programmable Outputs
Up to 5 Programmable Inputs
Manual-Transmission Safe
Diesel-Engine Safe
Built-in Turbo Timer
Security Upgradeable
Limited Lifetime System Warranty

2-Way is the Only Way

Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using Compustar 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully.

Water-Resistant + Durable

The 2-Way PRO 2WG15 features a high-strength injection molded body that is water and weather resistant, so you can take it anywhere. Plus the PRO 2WG15 remote is durably built to withstand everyday impact and drops.

PRO 3-Year Warranty

When you register your Compustar PRO 2WG15 remote on, you will receive an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Now Bundled with Smartphone Control!

Compustar's new RFX remote kits are now bundled with a Drone X1 LTE Module. This X1 LTE Module enables unlimited range smartphone control and GPS tracking with the DroneMobile App.

Your Smartphone is Your Backup Remote.

Instead of another remote, Compustar 2-way kits now turn your smartphone into your backup remote thanks to the DroneMobile App! Plus, with DroneMobile Family Sharing, you can invite your family members to share access to your vehicle.