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Burmester 069 Reference Line CD Player

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Burmester 069 Reference Line CD Player

The Reference Line CD player 069 sets the ultimate technical standard for CD playback. Cutting edge technology combined with a proprietary belt-drive system form the technical basis for providing a musical experience of the highest order. Dieter Burmester invented the belt drive for CD players in 1990 and only a year later introduced the first CD player with a belt-driven CD platter to the world market. Like an analog turntable, the belt drive in a CD player provides complete decoupling of the pick-up system, in this case the laser, from any mechanical interference by the motor drive. As a result the data on the CD is read with ultimate precision, translating into the decoding of the smallest musical detail as well as complex acoustic structures. Add to this the latest generation of DA conversion and you know that you will miss nothing on a recording: Spatial resolution, musical timbre, airy highs and deep, controlled bass.

The design of the Reference CD player is an expression of Burmester s philosophy: understated elegance combined with cutting-edge technology and highest-quality manufacturing in a rock-solid housing. The massive construction of the Reference Line enclosures completely isolates sensitive electronics from mechanical or acoustical interference. In short, the 069 CD player is visually and sonically a world-class performer offering unlimited musical enjoyment. The only player topping this performance is the 069 with a dedicated external power supply. It sports extremely powerful toroidal-core transformers, which rigorously separate the currents supplied to the digital and analog sections.

Like all Burmester components, the belt-drive system is carefully assembled in the Berlin factory. Highly trained technicians connect the platter assembly via belt to the Swiss-made precision motor. The whole unit consists of 708 carefully selected parts, which are assembled into a work of art that has to pass muster in a multifaceted testing and adjustment procedure before shipping.


Feature Overview:
The modular design of the 069 makes it future proof for new digital formats to come (who can predict which format will arrive and if it will stay )
Burmester Reference Belt-drive CD transport is based on the CD-2 PRO laser technology
Mechanical belt-drive drive unit is hand-crafted by Burmester Audiosysteme in Berlin.
Microprocessor-controlled drive unit consisting of a highest-quality Swissmade
low-torque DC motor, CD platter assembled on a 4 mm thick spindle rotating on a
precision bearing plus a stabilizer for fly-wheel effect. It guarantees smooth rotation at any point of the sampling process.
Total interference immunity through heavy triple-chamber design and a special housing base for additional mechanical de-coupling.
Almost air-tight and sound-proof closure of the top-loading CD chamber by a precision sliding cover plate.
Proprietary oscillator with minimal phase noise and a high thermal stability is located next to the SRC circuitry.
Three digital outputs
Remote control supplied as standard
EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)-suppression filters in every stage.
Standard Version in silver anodized. Other finishes available on request.
Power supply:
069 is available with internal or external power supply in Reference Line housing
External power supply with separated oversized torroidal transformer for digital and
analog section.
Overall filter capacitance of the external power supply is 279,000 F.
Overall filter capacitance of the internal power supply is 60,000 F.
Analog Input:
1 balanced analog input which is directly switchable on the front panel
Analog Outputs:
1 balanced analog XLR output (Stereo), volume level selectable between variable or fix
1 unbalanced analog RCA output (Stereo) with its own driving stage, volume level selectable between variable or fix
1 unbalanced analog RCA output (Stereo) with its own driving stage for analog recording, volume level is fix
Digital Outputs:
1 unbalanced digital RCA output with 75W impedance.
1 optical digital output (TOSLINK)
All outputs have their own driver stages. They may all be used simultaneously without any loss of quality.
MMI Module Slot:
MMI slot for future extensions (inputs and outputs of virtually any kind)
The entire unit can be controlled via the BurmesterLink system by using all possible home automation systems like Creston , AMX , PC and others.