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Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 800 Diamond Series Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

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Color: Gloss Black

Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 800 Diamond Series Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)


An icon reborn

This is not just another speaker range. Each new generation of 800 Series Diamond is a landmark event for Bowers & Wilkins. This is our benchmark, our icon; the most advanced range of loudspeakers we know how to make, equipped with all of our most sophisticated technologies and designed to deliver the upmost in sonic realism. For us, the800 Series Diamond is everything we know, and everything we are.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond. Excellence. Evolved.

How do you improve on the world’s most successful and iconic range of high-end loudspeakers? It’s a challenge that has occupied the past six years for the finest minds at SRE, home of the world-renowned Bowers & Wilkins engineering team. Their solution is to combine continuous improvement of every component in each design with innovative and proprietary technology that re-imagines the fundamental basics of a conventional loudspeaker drive unit: the new, unique and revolutionary Biomimetic Suspension. The new 800 Series Diamond range continues to feature seven models, beginning with the two-way 805 D4 stand-mount speaker. That’s joined by a series of three-way floorstanding models, including the 804 D4, 803 D4 and 802 D4. For the flagship model in the range, Bowers & Wilkins is pleased to reintroduce an iconic name to its portfolio, with the launch of 801 D4 to replace the existing 800 D3. For home theatre use, the HTM81 D4 and HTM82 D4 provide a pair of high-performance center channel speakers to complete the range...

Industry defining performance

The new 800 Series Diamond features many product developments and exciting innovations that evolve the performance of our flagship range and further establish the 800 Series Diamond as the finest loudspeakers on the market. The best just got better.

• Biomimetic Suspension
• Continuum cone
• Diamond dome
• Turbine Head
• Reverse wrap cabinet
• Matrix

Where music begins
Music you will soon hear everywhere was heard first on 800 Series Diamond speakers. The range is the choice of artists and top recording studios globally, such as Abbey Road and Skywalker Studios.

• True Sound
• As the artist intended
• Abbey Road Studios

Proprietary technology
The 800 Series Diamond features many proprietary technologies that raise the bar for audio excellence – Diamond dome Tweeters, Continuum cones, Matrix cabinets – and cascade into other product categories.

• Diamond dome
• Continuum cone
• Matrix
• Biomimetic Suspension
• Reverse wrap
• FST midrange

Bold design
Although we always aim for acoustic excellence, we also create designs that are beautifully crafted, meaningful and elegant. The 800 Series Diamond is no exception, with its distinctive proportions, fastidious construction and luxurious detailing.

• Leather by Connolly
• Reverse wrap cabinetry adopted across entire range
• Four elegant finishes
• Anodised Tweeter-on-Top with etched finishing

Technology Highlights

Turbine Head
Our all-aluminum Turbine Head is an inert housing for the midrange cone that avoids unwanted resonances and is decoupled from both the bass enclosure and the tweeter body.

Solid Body Tweeter
Our new Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top housing features an elongated form with a longer tube loading system, producing an even more free and open sound with high frequencies

Reverse Wrap Cabinet
Our cabinets are formed from one continuous curve, backed by a spine of solid aluminum, so sound dispersion is improved and cabinet reflection is reduced.

Every model in the new 800 Series Diamond benefits from an upgraded Matrix™ design, reducing resonance and creating a more believable soundstage.

Aluminum Top Plate
Every stereo model in the new 800 Series Diamond range has a significantly upgraded cabinet design with an all-new aluminum top section for even greater stiffness.

Aluminum Plinth
The 804 D4 now joins the other floor-stand-ing models in the range by offering a down-wards-firing Flowport, exiting on to a new, stiffer solid aluminum plinth complete with a constrained layer steel damping sheet offering a rock-solid foundation that controls unwanted resonance.

Aluminum Driver Pods
Drive units are housed in stiff aluminum pods mounted to the baffle of the speaker. This both secures and decouples the driver from the enclosure.

Diamond dome tweeter
Its unique stiffness-to-lightness ratio makes diamond the perfect tweeter material. Our diamond domes are capable of unrivaled acoustic detail, naturalism and spaciousness.

Continuum Cone
Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the smooth, accurate Continuum cone

Decoupled Midrange Assembly
Every 800 Series Diamond loudspeaker aside from the 805 D4 has a decoupled midrange cone ensuring minimal interference from the loudspeaker’s bass drivers

Biomimetic Suspension
Our all-new Biomimetic Suspension revolutionizes midrange cone performance by greatly reducing the unwanted air pressure and coloration that a conventional fabric spider can generate. The result? Midrange transparency you wouldn’t believe possible

Aerofoil bass cone
The result of advance computer modelling, Aerofoil is a composite bass cone with a varying thickness designed to offer maximum stiffness where it is most needed while preserving a low mass – thanks to its carbon-fiber skin and light syntactic foam core.

All stereo models in the new 800 Series Diamond range now use rear-mounted crossover designs mounted on stiff aluminum spines. This isolates the sensitive capacitors from the unwanted effects of air pressure within the enclosure and makes for a very effective heatsink to ensure optimum performance when in use


Technical features
Diamond tweeter
Solid body Tweeter-on-Top
Continuum cone FST™
Anti-Resonance plug
Biomimetic Suspension
Turbine Head
Aerofoil cone bass units

3-way vented-box system

Drive units
1x ø25mm (1in) diamond dome high-frequency
1x ø150mm (6in) Continuum cone FST™ midrange
2x ø250mm (10in) Aerofoil cone bass units

Frequency range
13Hz to 35kHz

Frequency response (+/-3dB from reference axis)
15Hz to 28kHz

Sensitivity (on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)

Harmonic distortion
2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB,1m on axis)
<1% 30Hz – 20kHz
<0.3% 100Hz – 20kHz

Nominal impedance
8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)

Recommended amplifier power
50W – 1000W into 8Ω on unclipped programme

Max. recommended cable impedance

Height: 1221mm
Width: 451mm
Depth: 600mm

Net weight

Cabinet: Grille:
Gloss Black Black
Satin Rosenut Black
Satin Walnut Grey
White Grey

    Color: Gloss Black