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Accuphase PS-1250 Clean Power Supply


SKU AccuphasePS-1250

Accuphase PS-1250 Clean Power Supply

The power supply delivers the energy your audio equipment uses for music playback. Accuphase’s Clean Power Supply components provide a power source with minimum noise and distortion by utilizing a groundbreaking waveform shaping technology that compares the power supply’s waveform to a reference waveform, then supplements insufficiencies and removes any excess misshaping. The results of waveform shaping are then observable in a new waveform display. The PS-1250 delivers impressive improvements in audio quality, making it an essential supplement to fine audio equipment.

    • Input /output waveform display
    • Output power meter
    • Input/output voltage meter
    • Input/output distortion meter
    • Massive output capacity
    • 0.08% total harmonic distortion waveform shaping
    • High-grade output voltage correction
    • Numerous output terminals
    • High-sensitivity protection circuitry
    • Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer
    • Large filtering capacitors