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Dali Phantom S-280 In-Wall Speaker (Each)

by Dali
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Dali Phantom S-280 In-Wall Speaker (Each)

The PHANTOM S-280 is our no-compromise in-wall powerhouse of a speaker with two 8" bass/mid-range drivers, two 10" passive radiators and a rotatable hybrid tweeter module. It delivers clean, coherent, detailed, room-filling sound and is slim enough to fit into almost any standard wall.

Wide Dispersion
Wide dispersion DALI speakers ensure a larger sweet spot to enjoy the best sound experience. Especially for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Slim Cabinet
With a depth of 100-103 mm, our slim-profile DALI PHANTOM speakers fit conveniently into most standard walls.

Patented SMC
Our patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) minimises coloration and distortion, compared with conventional drive design.

10" Passive Radiator
Includes the high-performance 10" carbon fibre passive bass reflex woofer from our high-end DALI SUB P-10 DSS subwoofer.

Innovative technologies for full frequency response
The DALI PHANTOM S-280 offers ultimate custom install loudspeaker performance without sacrificing valuable living room space. With proven speaker technologies, such as our signature wood fibre cones, low-loss rubber surrounds, solid MDF front baffle, hybrid tweeter module and our patented SMC magnet design, the S-280 delivers a no-compromise in-wall audio performance that's out of this world.

Elegant, slim design for serious in-wall audio
The PHANTOM S-280 features a slim cabinet that fits into almost any standard wall. The extruded aluminum surround provides an elegant, non-intrusive frame for the speaker, while the magnet-mounted front grille adds a discreet visual presence. The solid MDF cabinet provides a robust platform for the drivers, while the dogleg mounting system makes installation simple.

Reducing distortion with Soft Magnetic Compound
The two 8" woofers include our patented SMC magnet system developed originally for the EPICON series. SMC has the unique ability to deliver very high magnetic conductivity and very low electrical conductivity, which dramatically lowers distortion while delivering all the benefits of a traditional magnet

The master of wide dispersion
Combining a 29 mm soft dome tweeter with a high-performance ribbon tweeter, our patented hybrid tweeter module renders high frequencies with amazing detail and with a wide dispersion pattern that outperforms all other tweeter technologies. The module can also be rotated when installed as a center speaker in a multichannel setup.

Combining technologies for maximum bass/midrange response
The two specially developed 8" SMC woofers are optimized for both bass and midrange performance, featuring our signature wood fibre cone and patented SMC magnet system developed for the EPICON series. The two 10" passive bass reflex woofers are based on the passive radiator from our high-end SUB P-10 DSS subwoofer. By using the same aluminum chassis and soft surround carbon fibre cone, the passive radiators reach deep down into the true lower frequencies to deliver a believable large-box speaker sound in a very slim cabinet.

Easy integration in any room
All DALI speakers are designed around the principle of wide dispersion, which optimizes off-axis listening to give a larger sweet spot and a better audio experience throughout a room. This principle is the perfect solution for PHANTOM S series speakers, which are mounted flush with the surface of a wall.


Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz] 44 - 25,000
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB] 89
Nominal Impedance [ohms] 8
Maximum SPL [dB] 112
Recommended Amp. Power [Watts] 40 - 350
Crossover Frequencies [Hz] 3,000 / 15,000
Crossover Principle N/A
High Frequency Driver 1 x 29 mm soft dome, 1 x 17 x 45 mm ribbon
Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s) 2 x 8"