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BlackVue DR900X-2CH-PLUS 32GB 4K Ultra HD WiFi GPS Dashcam



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BlackVue DR900X-2CH-PLUS 32GB 4K Ultra HD WiFi GPS Dashcam

Building on the success of the original and highly successful 4K DR900S-2CH and DR900X-2CH (non-PLUS) models, the new DR900X-2CH-PLUS gives you the option to choose between a rear camera OR an interior facing camera and includes upgrades to an already feature-packed dash camera. Not only is image quality and app pairing greatly improved, the optional LTE module can now turn your BlackVue into a mobile hotspot!

With style and functionality second to none, if you're looking for the best front-facing dash cam of 2022, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the brand new DR900X-2CH-PLUS.


8-megapixel CMOS sensor on the front camera, for 4K Ultra High Definition video capture
Choice between rear facing OR interior facing camera
Upgraded Sony STARVIS video sensor providing unmatched image quality in any lighting condition at 30FPS (frames per second). Double the detail, and great for those who drive regularly at night.
Rear facing camera records in Full HD 1080p with a Sony STARVIS Sensor for low-light conditions.
Interior facing camera not only also records in Full HD 1080p with a Sony STARVIS Sensor but also includes infrared lighting ensuring everything is captured inside the vehicle no matter the lighting condition.
Upgraded Seamless Pairing with the BlackVue App making setup, configuration, file browsing, and cloud a breeze!
Optional plug-in 4G/LTE module for cloud connectivity!
The CM100LTE cellular modem (sold separately) enables cloud access without the use of a separate WiFi hotspot signal.
The LTE module can now turn your DR900X-2CH-PLUS into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five devices.
Free BlackVue App and Free Cloud Plan! Pay nothing for basic BlackVue Over-the-Cloud access. Note: cloud access does require LTE modem or separate WiFi hotspot in/near vehicle.
Native parking mode with low-voltage protection built-in! No need for a separate Power Magic Pro device, use the direct-wire harness (included) to connect the DR900X-2CH-PLUS directly to the fuse box for a simplified "hard wire" installation. Or, just use the standard cigarette lighter outlet plug-in power cord (also included) for the easiest possible installation.
times as many pixels as Full HD 1080p. Don't miss a single detail!
Audio recording, GPS position/speed logging, dual-band WiFi, voice alerts, LED status indicators, etc etc... all built-in!

"Front + Rear" dashcams are designed to record both in front of and behind your vehicle at the same time. Thanks to the small size of the second camera, this secondary lens may be placed just about anywhere throughout the vehicle, but in most cases, the second camera is mounted in the rear windshield and points out towards the rear (to capture events that occur behind the vehicle).

"Front + Inside" dashcams are designed to record both in front of and INSIDE your vehicle at the same time. Fleet vehicle owners, concerned parents of a new teenage driver, taxi and rideshare, tow truck, or shuttle bus drivers, these are just a few examples where there may be a need to keep an eye on the driver or passengers of the vehicle, as well as the other cars on the road.

The rear camera boasts Full HD 1080p recording with a Sony STARVIS™ sensor, for optimal image quality during the day and in low-light conditions as well capturing important information such as license plate info.

Being able to capture footage from the front and rear of your vehicle is a huge benefit to those involved in traffic accidents. and can be the difference between winning or losing an insurance claim.

The interior camera not only records in Full HD 1080p but packs a Sony STARVIS™ sensor and infrared lighting to ensure nothing is missed no matter what the lighting condition is.

The interior camera is designed exclusively for recording the driver/occupants INSIDE your vehicle's interior. It is NOT intended to record video facing out the REAR of the vehicle.

Seamless Pairing with the BlackVue App

New with the PLUS series is Seamless Pairing with the BlackVue App providing effortless setup and configuration. Easily connect to your dashcam without leaving the BlackVue App. Once connected changing settings, browsing files, and accessing the cloud is a breeze.

Packed With Additional Features

The DR900X-2CH-PLUS is of course still fully functional as a 'typical' dash cam, recording at all times when you drive, whether you choose to utilize the optional LTE / Cloud features or not:

When plugged in to your standard power outlet in the vehicle, the system will still power on and off with the vehicle, automatically recording audio, video and GPS speed & location at all times as you drive.
For motion detection ("parking mode") recording, the DR900X-2CH-PLUS can be hardwired directly to the vehicle's electrical system via the included direct-wire cable, a new value-added feature of the BlackVue "X" series. No need for a separate Power Magic Pro! Alternatively, the DR900X-2CH-PLUS can also be powered by the BlackVue B-130X Battery Pack while the vehicle is parked.
All normal driving and parking mode recordings are automatically stored locally on the internal BlackVue memory card (32/64/128/256 GB options available). Once the memory card is completely 'full', only the oldest video file on the card is overwritten as each new video file is created (this is known as loop recording).
The memory card can be removed from the 900X and plugged in to your PC or Mac using the included microSD to USB adapter. This is an easy way to do a bulk download or backup of all your videos.
The DR900X-2CH-PLUS does not have a screen on it from which to play back recorded videos from the memory card. Thankfully, the recordings can be accessed via a direct WiFi connection. You can connect to the 900X with your smartphone the same way you would connect to a WiFi network at home or at Starbucks, then use the free BlackVue app to view and download your recordings directly from the camera.
Audio recording, on by default, can be disabled temporarily, or turned off completely by default.
GPS speed display can be disabled from being visible in your video recordings.
Everything you need to use the system is included in the box: front camera with adhesive windshield mount, rear camera with mount, BlackVue memory card, plug-in power cable, video cable between the front and rear cameras, etc.