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Ortofon OM-5E Elliptical Dtylus Listening Phono Cartridge

by Ortofon
UPC: 5705796010022

  • Ortofon OM-5E Elliptical Dtylus Listening Phono Cartridge

    For more than 50 years, Ortofon has been designing and manufacturing Moving Magnet cartridges. Along with our well-regarded Moving Coil cartridges, Moving Magnet models have established a good reputation among music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts the world over.

    The new Ortofon OM 5 series encompasses three basic cartridges: OM 5S, OM 5E and Super OM 5E.

    The series is the lowest-mass range of moving magnet cartridges offered by Ortofon.
    The OM cartridges bodies have been designed to provide easy mounting and alignment on both top mount and bottom mount headshells.
    The OM 5 Series provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of phono preamps.


    Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 4 mV
    Channel balance at 1 kHz - 2 dB
    Channel separation at 1 kHz - 22 dB
    Channel separation at 15 kHz - 15 dB
    Frequency range at - 3dB - 20-25.000 Hz
    Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz 2 dB
    Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) - 65 m
    Compliance, dynamic, lateral - 20 m/mN
    Stylus type - Elliptical
    Stylus tip radius - r/R 8/18 m
    Tracking force range - 1.5-2.0 g (15-20 mN)
    Tracking force, recommended - 1.75 g (17.5 mN)
    Tracking angle - 20
    *) Typical value

    Internal impedance, DC resistance - 750 Ohm
    Internal inductance - 450 mH
    Recommended load resistance - 47 kOhm
    Recommended load capacitance - 200-500 pF
    Cartridge colour, body/stylus - Black/Black
    Cartridge weight incl. extra weight - 5 g
    Cartridge weight excl. extra weight - 2.5 g
    Replacement stylus unit - Stylus 5E