Monitor Audio Silver 2 Silver Series Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)


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The Silver 2 features a powerful 8” C-CAM® RST® bass/mid driver in a compact two-way stand mount design. Higher overall efficiency and driver size deliver excellent dynamic headroom with the extended bass normally associated with floor-standing models. Combining audiophile standards of resolution and dynamics, the Silver 2 will fill medium to large rooms with glorious audio in two-channel stereo or multi-channel cinema applications.

As the Silver 1’s bigger brother, the Silver 2 features a powerful 8” C-CAM bass/mid driver in a compact two-way stand mount package. Higher overall efficiency and driver size combines immense dynamic headroom with bass extension normally reserved to floor-standers. The Silver 2 is a serious audiophile speaker capable of producing remarkable resolution from the most intricate musical scores to the loudest rock concert with superlative ease. High output and effortless dynamic delivery make the silver 2 an ideal choice for medium to large rooms in two-channel stereo of multi-channel cinema systems.


  • New C-CAM® gold dome tweeter design with damped rear chamber and innovative dome venting technique for improved clarity and wider operating bandwidth.
  • New 8” bass driver with concave ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for better damping and improved mid-range clarity.
  • RST® cone profile, for improved diaphragm rigidity and reduced distortion.
  • New cast polymer bass chassis design for better rigidity and reduced reflections.
  • HiVe®II port technology delivers smoother airflow for better transient response and tighter bass.
  • Single bolt through driver systems for increased overall bracing, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling.
  • Pureflow® Silver plated OFC copper internal cabling.
  • High quality crossovers with premium grade polypropylene film capacitors.
  • Available in selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss finishes.
  • Rigid 20mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity and low cabinet colouration.
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing provides clean visual styling when the grille is off.
  • Specs
  • System Format: 2 Way
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 35kHz
  • Sensitivity (1W@1M): 88dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Maximum SPL (dBA): 112.6 (pair)
  • Power Handling (RMS): 120W
  • Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 40-120W
  • Bass Alignment: Bass reflex - rear ported HiVe®II port System
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.0kHz
  • Drive Unit Complement: 1 x 8" RST® Bass/Mid driver 1 x 1" (25mm) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter
  • Cabinet Dimensions: (Excluding Grille, Terminals & Plinth) (H x W x D) 375 x 230 x 300 mm (14 3/4 x 9 1/16 x 11 13/16 inch)
  • Product External Dimensions: (Including Terminals) (H x W x D) 375 x 230 x 323 mm (14 3/4 x 9 1/16 x 12 11/16 inch)
  • Product External Dimensions: (Including Grille & Terminals) (H x W x D) 375 x 230 x 335 mm (14 3/4 x 9 1/16 x 13 3/16 inch)
  • Individual Weight: 9.7 Kg (21 lb 6 oz)
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