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Esoteric S-05 S Series Stereo Class A Power Amplifier


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Color: Black

Esoteric S-05 S Series Stereo Class A Power Amplifier

Welcome to first class.

This sleek system, consisting of the N-05XD and the S-05 is simple, yet versatile. All you have to do is carefully choose a pair of speakers, and you will be set for life..

Compact – Pure – Class A.
Witness the birth of an all-new stereo power amplifier, borrowing from the engineering techniques utilized in our flagship Grandioso M1X mono block.

The new S-05 – a class-A power amplifier thoroughly focused on delivering all of music’s unique tonal qualities from a more compact stereo configuration, embracing the philosophy of the Grandioso M1X: “minimal circuitry – maximum output”.

Key Features
  • Lavish material employment borrowed from the M1X, and simple and straight circuit design concept
  • Dual monaural construction
  • Esoteric’s proprietary current signal transmission, “ES-Link Analog” Input
  • Bi-polar 3 Parallel Push/Pull
  • 940VA Large EI-core power transformer
  • Esoteric custom capacitors (10,000μF × 4/ch)
  • Balanced input amplifier
  • BTL / Bi-amp mode switch for dual amplifier configuration
    BTL: 120W/ch (8Ω)
Key Specifications
  • Rated Output Power: 30W + 30W (8Ω, Class-A), 60W + 60W (4Ω)
  • Analog Inputs: ES-Link Analog × 1 pair, XLR × 1 pair, RCA × 1 pair
  • Overall Dimensions: 445 × 191 × 444mm (W×H×D, including protrusions)
    Color: Black