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EAT C Major Turntable

by EAT
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EAT C Major Turntable

A new entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable.

E.A.T. is proud to announce the availability of its most important turntable to date: the C-Major. Why "important" Because it represents a completely new price point, an entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy all seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable, and a perfect solution for those new to the delights of the vinyl LP.

We at E.A.T. have identified a segment of the hi-fi market where those who would like to purchase turntables with greater performance and sophistication than that which is available in the budget sector, but with a price point below the widely-acclaimed C-Sharp our most successful turntable to date. And it is the technology of C-Sharp that enabled us to develop the C-Major.

Pun intended, the differences between the C-Sharp and the C-Major are minor. All were incorporated to reduce costs and features, without compromising the performance. To achieve the lower price, the following changes were applied:

  • The C-Note tonearm on the C-Major is 9" in length instead of 10"
  • There is no separate speed control
  • The main chassis has a more compact footprint
  • The platter clamp is smaller
  • The platter is smaller

Shipped complete with fitted dust cover, and offered in a specially-priced package with the Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge, the C-Major will extract the best from the vinyl LP undoubtedly a blast from the past that just happens to be the future of music in the home!

Model EAT C-Major turntable
Nominal speed 33/45 rpm, manual speed change
Speed Variance 33rpm: < 0.09%, 45rpm: < 0.10%
Wow and flutter 33rpm: < 0.05%, 45rpm: < 0.05%
Signal to noise S/N Ratio ( mechanical noise): 40 dB, Signal to noise (electrical noise): -68 dB
Downforce range 0 30 mN
Supplied counterweight system Counterweight 110 g without additional insert =>for cartridges 5 9 g Counterweight with additional insert 148 g =>for cartridges 9 17 g
Effective tonearm mass 14.5 g
Effective tonearm lenght 230 mm
Overhang 18 mm
Power consumption 5 W max / 0.5W standby
Voltage Universal swith mode power supply 15 V DC/1.6 A, 90-264 V AC, 47 -
Dimensions (W H D) 460 352 125mm without dustcover, 460 352 142mm (closed dustcover), 460 380 435mm (opened dustcover) Weight (without box) 9 kg (turntable)