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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO LP Cleaning System Open Box

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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO LP Cleaning System Open Box


Audio Desk of Germany has created the most talked about record cleaning machine in the world today, the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner. The Vinyl Cleaner cleans your records using ultra-sonic vibrations. The Vinyl Cleaner is fully automatic. All you need to do is place a record perpendicularly into the Vinyl Cleaner and press the red activation button. Then you can walk away. When the green LED shines, the clean LP can be removed. How's that for simple? During the 5-minute cleaning process, specially-designed rotary cleaning pads made from a microfiber material move in opposite directions while a specialized ultrasonic system thoroughly removes even the finest contaminants from the grooves. The cleaning solution is thoroughly filtered inside the machine to avoid re-contamination of the LP, and then two high performance fans guarantee your LP ends the cycle perfectly dry and ready to play.

The cleaning process is fully automatic, simultaneously cleaning both sides of the LP using an ultrasonic process, and cleans by using a counter-rotating microfiber cleaning barrels, with subsequent drying process. This type of cleaning is not only quieter and much easier, it is also highly effective and extremely gentle on the disc's surface. Your vinyl will sparkle as never before and most importantly: the sonic benefit, tested in a before-and-after playback demonstration, will stun you.

There used to be only one way to clean LPs: Brushes and Pressure. In order to loosen dirt, residue, and other contaminants from the disc surface, the standard approach employs scrubbing brushes. With cleaning results at least as varied and diverse as the specific brush used. From the shape of the brush, to the pressure and angle applied, to the speed of the turning, numerous criteria, which all need to work together, all form the basis of efficient record cleaning. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario occurs too often. Instead of removing the dirt, it gets forced even deeper into the grooves, or spread across the entire disc surface, or worst of all, damages the disc surface.

The Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner doesn't rely on brushes to remove dust and other contaminants. Counter-rotating microfiber wet cleaning barrels, and the ultrasonic process, remove dirt gently yet thoroughly. Even the finest particles living deep within the grooves of the disc can now be cleaned. The cleaning fluid is recirculated and filtered during the cleaning process. Dirt gets removed, or "shaken," from the LP surface and cannot find its way back onto the disc surface, leaving the disc cleaner than when brand-new.

With old-fashioned cleaning machines, surface suction relies on the vacuum-seal created. The diminishing of the vacuum due to the aging of the apparatus, and the static charging of the disc caused by the effects of rubbing, are two main drawbacks of suction. Surface suction is generally characterized by the limited efficiency of dirt removal and loud vacuum cleaner-like noise. Once again the Vinyl Cleaner changes all the rules. Both sides of the disc are cleaned and subsequently dried simultaneously. The gentle fan drying process is driven by two high-performance motors - with significantly lower noise, and with no creation of static. Static electricity build-up has been the unpleasant after-effect of record cleaning since the beginning, and now it's a thing of the past.

Cleaning and Care

A quick word regarding the cleaning fluid: In order to treat the vinyl as gently as possible, and create the best possible sound, the cleaning fluid, specifically developed for the Vinyl Cleaner, avoids the use of alcohol, instead relying on a mild biodegradable mixture with excellent cleaning properties and outstanding anti-static characteristics. Just one container of cleaning fluid concentrate (2 are included with the machine) is enough to clean approximately 100-200 discs (depending on the level of disc contamination). The wet filter is easy to clean: saturate with distilled water and ring out. The inspection interval for the wet filter is identical to the replacement of the cleaning fluid. The 4 microfiber-cleaning barrels are extremely robust and therefore only need to be replaced after approximately 500 completed cleaning cycles.

Spare Parts & Accessories available for purchase separately.