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Accuphase M-6200 Monophonic 1200 Watt 1 Ohm Power Amplifier


SKU AccuphaseM-6200

Accuphase M-6200 Monophonic 1200 Watt 1 Ohm Power Amplifier

The M-6200 approaches the concept of the power amplifier from a new vantage point, achieving an unprecedented level of performance that redefines what a monophonic power amplifier can be. Its discrete ultra-low-noise instrumentation amplifier construction allows fully balanced signal transmission, augmented by the MCS+ circuit and current feedback topology, resulting an amazing S/N ratio of 127 dB at maximum gain and 133 dB at the -12 dB gain setting. Two identical power amplifier units driven in parallel keep output impedance at a minimum, making the amplifier capable of delivering constant current down to extremely low impedance loads. A hefty power supply and high-power transistors arranged in a 16-parallel push-pull configuration deliver 1,200 watts (music signals) into an ultra-low 1-ohm load. The output stage with further powered impedance is rated for a damping factor of 1,000. Its bold and massive appearance notwithstanding, the M-6200 is a monophonic amplifier that not only delivers abundant power and dynamic performance but that expresses even the most delicate and minute musical details with captivating realism 


Analog output level meter with logarithmic scale

Meter ON/OFF and hold time selector (3 s/infinite)

Input selector button

Gain selector

Phase selector

Operation mode selector

Balanced input

Two sets of speaker outputs (simultaneous output)

Maximum dimensions: 465 (W) × 220 (H) × 499 (D) mm (18-5/16" × 8-11/16" × 19-5/8")

Mass: 40.2 kg


    Continuous average output power: 150 watts (8 ohms), 300 watts (4 ohms), 600 watts (2 ohms), 1,200 watts
    (1 ohm, music signal) / bridged operation (2 units): 600 watts (8 ohms), 1,200 watts (4 ohms), 2,400 watts (2 ohms, music signal)

    Frequency response: 0.5 Hz - 160 kHz +0, –3.0 dB

    Intermodulation distortion: 0.01% or less

    Damping factor: 1,000 (EIA, 8 ohm load, 50 Hz)

    S/N ratio: 127 dB (GAIN: MAX), 133 dB (GAIN: –12 dB) (A weighted)
    Rated input: 1.38 V