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Simaudio 810LP Moon Phono Preamplifier

Color: Black

Simaudio 810LP Moon Phono Preamplifier

The ultimate phono preamplifier

Over time the soundstage got even deeper and incredibly wide, with the unerring ability to clearly place and delineate individual musicians within a fully fleshed-out acoustic.
Graham Abbott, SoundStage! Ultra

Suspension which eliminate microphonics for absolute best analog sound

In terms of black backgrounds, top-to-bottom transient response, image definition, dynamic contrasts at both ends of the scale, and rhythm n pacing, the MOON 810LP was worth its considerable price. It was a model of rhythmic and spatial organization.
Michael Fremer, Stereophile

Incredible level of input optimization for any cartridge

Design features

Power supply voltage regulation includes i 2 DCf (Independent Inductive DC Filtering); 1 inductor for each and every IC in the audio circuit s signal path 24 stages in all.
The dedicated audio circuit board is mounted on a 5-point gel-based floating suspension, derived from our M-Octave technology, originally developed for our reference 850P Preamplifier.
Fully compatible with 820S external power supply.
Customized parts include metallized polypropylene film capacitors with very tight tolerances of 1%.
Four-layer PCB tracings with dedicated ground and power planes using pure copper for low impedance characteristics.


Inputs (XLR / RCA) 1 pair / 1 pair
S/N Ratio (full scale @40dB gain) 115dBr
S/N Ratio (full scale @70dB gain) 95dBr
IEC Curve Effect -7dB @ 10Hz
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz 0.1dB
Crosstalk @ 1kHz -106dB
Output impedance 50

In The Box:

The following accessories should be included inside the box with your phono preamplifier:

AC power cable
One (1) pen shaped plastic hand tool for making DIP-switch adjustments
Owner s manual
Warranty and product registration information (USA and Canada only)

    Color: Black