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Meitner Audio DS-EQ2 Optical Equalizer for DS Cartridges

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Meitner Audio DS-EQ2 Optical Equalizer for DS Cartridges

Following in the footsteps of the ground-breaking EMM Labs DS-EQ1 optical equalizer, Ed Meitner is proud to introduce the Meitner DS-EQ2. The DS-EQ2 integrates Meitner's proven optical equalization technology learned during the development of the DS-EQ1 into a single-ended, streamlined package accessible by a wider variety of end users while maintaining Meitner’s high standard of quality. In keeping with the Meitner brand ethos, it is a true value proposition in the analog ecosystem.

With the release of DS Audio’s third generation optical cartridges, including the more affordable DS-003 system; Ed was once again collaborating with Tetsuaki Aoyagi and his team at DS Audio. This time to develop the Meitner DS-EQ2 optical equalizer.

The DS-EQ2 is designed with an obsessive desire to lower noise, lower distortion, and extract every bit of information from any DS Audio optical cartridge. The DS-EQ2’s circuits are all Meitner designed in-house and optimized for short and direct audio paths. In Meitner's philosophy, the DS-EQ2 is a “less-is-more” component.

The DS-EQ2 utilizes a simplified chassis construction, high quality components and connectors, and a universal power supply hand-selected to fit Meitner’s design criteria. The DS-EQ2 proudly holds the Meitner flag by offering exceptional performance in an attractive package, with value metrics that are hard to best.

Designed for simplicity, the touch buttons on DS-EQ2’s front panel allow the user to safely and silently control power to the cartridge and select the desired filter without fuss.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, simply connect the DS-EQ2 to any phono system equipped with a DS Audio optical cartridge, sit back and prepare to have a paradigm shift. The Meitner DS-EQ2 is the perfect partner to any DS Audio system no matter the budget.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary & discrete equalization specifically designed for all DS Audio optical cartridges
  • Ultra low distortion
  • Custom designed single-ended discrete class A amplification
  • Front panel electronically selectable DS Audio standard filter response or with added 2nd order 15Hz high pass filter
  • Optimized short audio paths throughout
  • Noiseless cartridge power function
  • Power and filter touch buttons
  • Works with all DS Audio cartridges

Power Supply:
Power factor corrected
Universal 90V-260V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: max. 50W
CE Approved



Stereo single ended (RCA) inputs and outputs

Output voltage:
0.5V nominal (~ -3.8dBu)

Output impedance:
150 ohms unbalanced

Dimensions (W x D x H):
338 x 286 x 67mm / 13.3 x 11.3 x 2.7in
Weight: 3.7kg / 8.2lbs
Finish: Fine bead blasted front panel available in silver or black

Designed and Manufactured in Canada