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Bluesound HUB CB130 Wireless Audio Source Adapter with BluOS, MM Phono Stage, and HDMI eARC Open Box

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  • Bluesound HUB CB130 Wireless Audio Source Adapter with BluOS, MM Phono Stage, and HDMI eARC Open Box

    Complete your system with the HUB, a versatile network accessory that connects to a wide variety of audio sources, allowing them to play back on any Bluesound player.

    Streaming audio is more flexible than ever with the HUB. Turn any wired audio device into a multi-room player by adding a HUB to transmit music to one or many Bluesound players around the home, wirelessly. This means you can now stream virtually any audio source, anywhere.

    • Connect any wired audio source to the HUB to bring it into your Bluesound ecosystem
    • Stream your CD and vinyl collections anywhere in the house without being limited by wires or proximity
    • Low noise, wide-band moving magnet phono stage acts as a network turntable preamp for hi-res playback of vinyl
    • Use the HUB with a pair of Bluesound Pulse speakers to upgrade your TV sound
    • Enjoy five input options: HDMI eARC, Coaxial, Digital Optical, Stereo Analog and a moving magnet Phono stage to support your music devices
    • Play one analog and one digital stream simultaneously to different Bluesound or BluOS players
    • Easily choose any HUB input as the audio source for your Bluesound player with the BluOS app 
    • Connect to the network with dual-band Wi-Fi or Gigabit ethernet
    • Universal USB-C plug and play power

    Play Anything, Anywhere.
    Easily add a Bluesound HUB to any audio source and stream it through your Bluesound multi-room music system. Enjoy your favorite music from audio sources like a turntable or CD player in any other connected room of your home.

    Plenty of Connectivity Options.
    Take advantage of the HUB’s wealth of digital and analog input options including HDMI eARC, Coax digital, TOSLINK optical, analog RCA, and a MM Phono input. Each HUB can simultaneously stream one digital and one analog source, and up to four HUBs can be supported on a single network.

    Easy Setup. Easy Control.
    The HUB is easily selectable as an input in the BluOS app. A few taps on the BluOS app allows you to control your entire multi-room system from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    Minimal Wires. No Mess. No Hassle.
    With a compact, minimalist design and a choice of high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi or wired Gigabit ethernet connection options, the HUB provides unlimited placement flexibility, so you don’t have to move players around or deal with wires. By keeping its USB-C connected power supply external, the HUB stays compact, creating more opportunities for you to add HUBs around the house and preserve simplicity.

    A Treat for Vinyl Lovers.
    Vinyl lovers will appreciate the HUB's built-in audiophile-grade MM phono stage preamp that brings the audio from your turntable to all your Bluesound players for whole-home turntable streaming. The HUB acts as a networked low noise, wide-bandwidth phono pre-amp, delivering spectacular audio quality so you can enjoy your vinyl collection in any or every room of your home.


    Operating System

    BluOS Controller Operating System
    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS

    Control System Integrations (via software update)
    Control4, Crestron, URC, RTI, ELAN, Lutron

    Simultaneous Audio Streams
    2 per HUB
    1 x analog audio input, 1 x digital audio input

    Maximum Number Units
    4x HUB on single network (8 simultaneous streams)

    Native Sampling Rates
    up to 192 kHz

    Bit Depth

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    >100 dB (Line input)
    >80 dB (Phono MM input)

    <0.03% 20-20 kHz -1dBFS output

    Frequency Response
    20-20 kHz +/-0.3dB; 50 kHz -3dB

    Power Supply
    Universal USB-C Power adapter
    (Input:100-240V AC/0.3A Output:5V/2A)

    Ethernet RJ45, GigE 1000 Mbps

    Wi-Fi Built In
    Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), 2.4/5GHz

    Analog Line Input
    1 x Stereo RCA

    ARM® Cortex™ -A53, Quad-Core, 1.8GHz per core

    Status Indicator
    Front Panel LED

    Function Button
    Front Panel Function Button

    Power Consumption
    0.5W Network Standby

    Black; Matte Satin Paint


    Product Dimensions
    143 x 153 x 45mm (W x D x H)
    5.6 x 6 x 1.8 in (W x D x H)*
    * Non-metric measurements are approximate.

    0.63kg / 1.39 lbs

    Included Accessories
    5V Power Adapter
    3 x International Plug Adapters
    USB-C Power Cable
    Ethernet Cable
    Mounting Template
    Safety/Warranty Guide
    Quick Setup Guide

    Phono Input
    1 x Stereo RCA (Moving Magnet)

    Optical Input
    1 x TOSLINK digital optical

    Coaxial Input
    1 x RCA (75 ohms)

    HDMI Input
    HDMI eARC with CEC

    USB Input
    Type A (for BluOS firmware upgrade only)

    Audio Output