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Denon DL110 High Output Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Product ID: DL-110
Manufacturer: Denon
Product UPC Code: : 81757700474
Denon DL110 High Output Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
List Price: $299.00
Price: $299.00

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To get the maximum enjoyment out of your vinyl collection, check out the DL-110 phono cartridge. Its high output allows you to use it interchangeably with a moving magnet phono input. The DL-110 has a way of getting into the grooves and extracting the information contained therein with total authority.
  • Output: 1.6mV
  • Stylus: special elliptical diamond
  • Cantilever: aluminum
  • Frequency range: 20-45,000Hz
  • Tracking force: 1.5-2.1g
  • Weight: 4.8g
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    Denon DL-110 is still one of the best values in a HOMC

    - 11/8/2017

    I bought both a DL-110 and DL-103 from SafeandSound, and both are wonderful cartridges. The value they represent for those in the "mid-fi" category still is top of the charts.

    I own a number of cartridges, both MM and MC, and my TOTL to date were things like an AT-440MLB, AT-120EB, AT-33Mono, etc. Good cartrdiges, but these are the next rung of the ladder in sound quality IMHO.

    I have two TT's set up, one for MM and one for MC and the nice thing about DL-110 is it crosses over on my setups to either TT. You have to be careful because on some setups with MC phono stages, and the 1.6mv DL-110 you can overload it - especially if you have a 1:10 SUT. For my setup, however, it actually plays better on the MC, but is still outstanding on my MM setup.

    The only thing better than the improvement in SQ with this cartridge is purchasing from SafeandSound. A lot of companies have the gear, there are many choices, but not many give the support, advice and coaching that Mike and Dave do at S&S. Even though I am 2500 miles from them, they will always have my business if they carry a product. I have made multiple purchase from them - Denon AVR, Parasound Amp, these Denon cartridges. They are always available, always give good advice - they are more concerned about getting you the right gear and making the right selection than making the sale - and THAT kind of business needs to be supported. I can't speak highly enough about S&S... I will be writing product reviews for everything I buy to share with other customers both the product and company feedback.

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